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You must have heard a story! Someone’s Uncle who had never exercised remained a chain-smoker for so long liked to eat junk food but still, lived 80+ years. If that’s correct, then there is no need to bother with healthy living, right?

However, this is not the case all the time. For every single person who lives a long life with bad choices about health, there is a dozen of people who don’t. The only truth about life is that it is unpredictable, it can end at any instance. You have an obvious choice to make, do you want to live your no matter how long or short, in sickness and misery or healthy and to the fullest? If your choice is the later one, simply take care of your body, health.

A good health is one in a lifetime chance. Don’t take your health for granted. Everything is influencing your health, the food you eat, the air you breathe, the exercise you ignore; all are adding up and are going to affect your health and weight adversely. At times it is very difficult to stop yourself from joining the party, following what others are doing and believe me once in a while that’s completely fine but make it a habit, and you have to pay dearly for that.

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Consequences of obesity:

No doubt that an obese person is comparatively at higher risk of health-related problems than a person with normal weight like:

  1. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  2. Type 2 diabetes
  3. Stroke
  4. Coronary heart disease
  5. Osteoarthritis
  6. Gallbladder disease
  7. Sleep and breathing problems
  8. Some kinds of cancer, e. breast, colon, kidney, etc.

How to know that you are over-weight?

Well, “the mirror” :p

Yes, you can see the changes yourself in the mirror. You will feel your bulky weight. One of its signs is that you get tired in no time or quickly comparative to the time when you were relatively smarter. Your dresses, tell you more about your weight :p. You may need to adjust your belt or get a new one altogether, a bigger one.

People are going to point it out, they may show concern in the start, and then you will be annoyed by the comments. Specifically, those who see you after a long time. They are in a better position to notice such kind of unusual things. They do and also tell you about them.

Ok, now you have come to know about your over-weight situation.  It’s time to start watching it, get the best weighing scale for your self, we have reviewed the best bathroom scales below. Start making a chart, take a measuring tape and note down your waist and thighs thickness as well. Do it every three days. You must know for sure the rate at which you are bulking those fats and one of the best methods is calculating and noting your BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI is a person’s weight in kilogram divided by square of height in meters. Higher the BMI, higher are the body fats. This is a factor that can be used to screen your weight categories which can lead to health problems, even serious ones.

What could be the possible causes of over-weight? :

The causes among adults are classified as under:

  1. Behaviors:

A healthy lifestyle is mainly composed of two things: healthy diet and exercise.

A healthy diet, as everyone knows would consist of fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, lean proteins and a limited amount of high-fat foods.

  1. Environment and society:

Living in an environment with people not following healthy guidelines affects you directly or indirectly. We are after-all a community living a mimic lifestyle. We more likely tend to base our decisions about lifestyle on people and environment that surrounds us. Giving preference to a transport facility for shopping outlets etc. over walking is an example for this. People’s work environment can also influence how someone behaves on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Genetics:

Genetic factors do influence how people deal with a high-calorie food or environmental changes. Moreover, some people have gene variants that increase the hunger. Some may get hungry a lot quicker than other some may go hours without a single bite to eat. It’s not your fault but controlling this is in your hands.

  1. Disease:

There is a list of diseases which are known for their ability to make a person obese, e.g. Cushing’s syndrome and polycystic ovary syndrome.

  1. Medications:

Certain medicines like antidepressants, steroids can directly lead to putting on weight.

Causes among children are classified below:

These are very much similar to those that cause obesity in adults such as:

  1. Day-to-day unhealthy habits.
  2. Genetic risk factors.
  3. Eating a high-calorie
  4. Having a secondary lifestyle like less or even exercise routine.

When to see a doctor? :

Whenever you feel like you are getting obese, putting on fats and it may be because of the medication you are on, all you have to do is see a doctor and discuss.

You may visit a doctor if you are taking steps to losing weight, doing proper exercise, controlling diet but still your bathroom scale is showing no change or an increase in weight. There may be something other than the obvious lifestyle issue.

Best Bathroom Scales:

Taking control of your weight is possible. You may have to make big changes in the start but over the time once your trusted bathroom scale tells you that you are on the right path, the needle starts to leave the bigger scary numbers (well nowadays it’s not the needle per se) you can have cheat days, switch to regular diet, stop doing the hardest workouts. Well, it’s clear that having a trusting partner to tell you what’s going on, best bathroom scale is a must. Realizing this fact we have put to the test a big bunch of scales and present to you the best in the market. The most accurate ones, the ones that will keep you on track in the toughest of times through the regular as well. Let’s check out the top ten list of Best Bathroom Scales.

 Nokia Body+ – Body Composition WI-FI Scale, Black:

most accurate bathroom scale 2017This product is our top most choice and suggestion for you. It is perfect in a way that it can analyze your full body composition, like weight, {9e3a81584e162778517a3d81be1e185b8d4dd8ee12b30b672d637fd02e2d17fb} of body fat and water, the mass of muscles and bones. Moreover, this product synchronizes automatically. It is an amazing nutrition tracker. It also provides a daily weather forecast. One of the remarkable features making it different than others is that it can record weight histories of up to 8 persons, share it as much as you want because sharing is caring.


  • Product Color: Black
  • The dimension of the product is8 x 12.8 x 0.9 inches; 4.4 pounds.
  • Batteries required for this are 4 AAA batteries.
  • It gives immediate on-screen
  • The scales syncs with Wi-Fi.
  • It is affordable.
  • Support up to eight users.
  • It can work with more than 10 party apps.
  • It works via WI-FI.
  • This app can last up to 18 months on the 4 AAA included batteries.

  • This is a bit complex.
  • It lacks advanced metrics.
  • It can only measure body weights and BMIs.
  • It does not work with iOS.
  • It is costly.

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Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale by Weight Gurus, Secure Connected Solution for your Data, including BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Water Weight, and Bone Mass, Large Backlit Display:

Bluetooth Smart Body Fat ScaleIt is a really smart choice. It can connect you with your dependable support. It is back-supported by St. Louis Headquarters. This product should give a positive impact on the people around and it really is capable of it. You would not regret your choice. Because this is designed to give you an accurate data by collecting via its free apps. Then you can also share it with other famous apps of your choice. It measures body weight, lean mass, BMI, body fats, water weight and bone mass.


  • This is black in color.
  • It requires Bluetooth Smart/LE technology.
  • It bears a scale displaying full results after each weigh-in.
  • It has an extra large, backlit LCD screen.
  • It has an auto-calibration and auto-off system.
  • It consists of 4 precise weighting sensors, responsible for accurate weight measurement.
  • 4 AAA batteries included.
  • It also has a large, tempered glass weighing surface.
  • This is most accurate.
  • It is most consistent when reading the weight.
  • This app gives you long time warranty.
  • A lot of different metrics are available.
  • It has good application compatibility.

  • This cannot give your caloric intake reading.
  • It does not have auto-uploading.
  • It is hard to figure out how to change the weight units.
  • This app is not compatible with iPhone 7 yet.

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EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale with Extra Large Lighted Display:

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale with Extra Large Lighted DisplayThis scale is a guaranteed one. Now you can meet your standards with it but if you are not satisfied with it you can refund or return. Top of else, this app simply cannot disappoint you because of its classic working. Moreover, now a FREE EatSmart Tape Measure can help you further monitor your progress. You need not tap to activate the scale; it gives you instant results.


  • This app is updated EatSmart Auto-On Technology based.
  • It has sensor accuracy.
  • It has a display of large 3.5” with Accubright blue backlight.
  • It has 4 sensors that provide an accurate reading up to 400 lbs or 180 Kgs every time.
  • It is auto-calibrated and has an auto-off option.
  • 4AAA batteries included.
  • It is easy to turn on.
  • It has an easy operation.
  • It has a clear display.
  • It is highly accurate.
  • This scale owns an elegant design.

  • It is somewhat heavy.
  • It has to be calibrated frequently when in use.
  • It is expensive.


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Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology, 400 Pounds, Body Tape Measure Included, Elegant Black:

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom ScaleThis app gives you instant reading as soon as you step on the scale. It is highly accurate, multitasking and safe. It has a wide application range. This scale ensures accurate weight measurement from time to time.


  • This scale is auto-calibrated.
  • It gives you immediate results on a large backlit LCD of 3.1”.
  • It has got sensitive sensors ensuring that results are within 0.2 lbs.
  • It can bear weight up to 180 Kgs (400 lbs).
  • It has a tempered glass 6mm reliable platform.
  • It gives you overload indication, Auto on and off and zero.
  • It also gives an indication of low battery.
  • This scale allows a number of user profiles.
  • It is well-priced.
  • It is built to last.
  • It is compact in size.

  • Body calorie cannot be measured.
  • It does not give you an indication of water intake.
  • This scale is not suitable for lighter objects.
  • It requires a flat surface for accurate measurement.

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Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra Wide Platform and Step-on Technology, 440-Pounds:

Bathroom Scales It is one of the best apps to track your weight loss instantly. This scale gives you immediate reading without further tapping required to turn on. It has a guarantee of 2 years. It is easy to use and is highly accurate. It can be read easily from a distance because of a large screen display. It has a perfect adjustable size. You need not guess your weight, start worrying about your fitness. Get this amazing app.


  • It has 4.3”LCD, therefore can be read from a distance.
  • LCD has a cool blue, black light that is advantageous in providing the clear view of readings even in dimly lit areas of your bathroom or home.
  • It has 4 high-gauge EatSmart precision G sensors ensuring an accurate measurement of your weight.
  • It has a slim, ergonomic body that is adjustable to any place.
  • It allows weights up to 440 lbs.
  • A platform of over 15” wide, this scale can easily fit the biggest person even.
  • It runs on 2AAA batteries.
  • The extra-wide platform can easily accommodate even biggest people.
  • Its minimalist design can fit anywhere in your bathroom or home.
  • It has a step-on technology which means you do not have to bend over and turn it on.

  • It is highly expensive.
  • Your BMI, body fat measurement cannot be done with it.
  • Reviews are there that its scale is fragile.

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RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale – FDA Approved – Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App, 396 lbs:

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat ScaleRENPHO Brand is donated to the design, development and digital scales. It has over million happy global users. It has 11 essential measurements and free friendly apps. It is no doubt a quality product. It gives you a complete description of your body like BMI, body fat, water content, skeletal muscle, lean muscle, bone mass, calories, and proteins. It has 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • It is black in color.
  • Its capacity to bear weight is 180 Kgs (396 lbs).
  • It has an auto on and off feature.
  • It has 5mm tempered glass platform.
  • It has backlit LED display.
  • 3*i.5V AAA batteries are included.
  • It indicates overload or/and low battery.
  • This app is very easy to set up and use.
  • You can create your profile on this app by providing your details like age, gender, height etc.
  • It gives you complete details about your body.
  • The automatic turn on and off system conserves battery.

  • It can take time to create your profile.
  • It has no WI-FI connectivity.
  • It cannot be auto-updated.

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1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale with IOS and Android App Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale for Body weight, Body Fat, Water, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR, Bone Mass and Visceral Fat, White: scale is one of the highly recommended scales out there on the market. This app uses the BIA function to track your health information. It gives you a comprehensive health index. This type of information cannot be provided with a traditional weight scale.


  • Its color is white.
  • This has a toughened glass platform which is quite reliable.
  • Dimensions are 300*300*28mm.
  • It owns weight of 1.74 kg.
  • Capacity to bear weight is 180kg / 400lb.
  • 4AAA batteries are included.
  • It has a sleek, modern design and a large LED display.
  • It is affordable.
  • It works with Apple Health.
  • It automatically sends your data to your mobile via Bluetooth.
  • It has a comprehensive health index.

  • While using, you have to carefully balance with bare feet.
  • The mobile can use some UI improvements.
  • Reviews reported about inconsistent fat % measurements.
  • Operating procedure is a bit different from a traditional scale. Therefore it is not recommended for persons with medical implants or pregnant women.

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Yunmai Premium Smart Scale – Body Fat Scale with the new FREE APP & Body Composition Monitor with Extra Large Display – Works with iPhone 8/iPhone X(10):

Yunmai Premium Smart ScaleIntroducing Yunmai Premium Smart Scale, it is a complete home weight management system. This app is FDA listed Smart Scale Brand. It has more than 5000,000 users reported. It bears Local Customer Service like within 3 days it is free to exchange or return. It gives about 10 precision body measurements.


  • Color is black.
  • It has a Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity.
  • It can manage weight profiles for 16 Users.
  • It has a vibrant LCD Display.
  • It is supported by a Smart-Step technology.
  • Android 4.3 and iOS 7 supported.
  • Four (4) AAA batteries are included.
  • Scale range is up to 396.8 lbs. (3-180 kg).
  • It is of high quality and is made up of a durable material.
  • It gives a reliable customer service.
  • It connects with Apple Health.
  • It has a large display.
  • It has wireless Smartphone connectivity.

  • The Bluetooth connectivity is not reliable and does not always connect to the Smartphone.
  • It has no WI-FI connectivity.
  • It has only one year warranty.
  • It could be improved in some aspects like some users reported that it crashes a lot.

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Innotech Digital Bathroom Scale with Easy-to-Read Backlit LCD:

Innotech Digital Bathroom ScaleThis app is of advantage in so many ways. It gives you readings being displayed on large screens. It is quite accurate and is comfortable in use. It gives you stress-free satisfaction guarantee which allows you for a free exchange or returns within 30 days. Therefore there is simply no chance to say no to it.


  • It is white in color.
  • It has 3.6” negative screen display.
  • It has automatic zero resetting which provides you instant readings.
  • It has a 6mm surface that is scratch and shatters
  • It is provided with weighing sensors capable of giving reading up to 400 lbs.
  • It has an elegant, simple design.
  • It has a backlit LCD.
  • It is auto-calibrated.
  • Up to 400 lbs capacity.

  • It requires a perfect, even floor for accurate measurements.
  • It is a bit difficult to operate.
  • It does not have a comprehensive measurement profile.

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iDOO Precision Ultra Wide Oversized Digital Bathroom Weight Scale Heavy Duty Big Platform with Extra Large Backlit LCD Display 440lb:

Best Bathroom ScalesGive your daily life and health a balance with this iDOO Precision Ultra Wide Scale. This app has unique, elegant design. This scale is suitable for everyone to use. Just let keep your daily track of body weight to know your fitness process with this attractive piece of a bathroom scale.


  • It has a capacity up to 13-440lb/6-200kg.
  • Division is 0.2lb/100g.
  • Step on, Auto on/off are a part of features.
  • It has a display of 4.3inch/93x55mm LCD.
  • It is provided with a 9mm tempered glass platform.
  • 3xAAA batteries are included.
  • Indications about low battery & overload are there.
  • It is beautiful and elegant.
  • It has high accuracy.
  • It bears the largest platform.
  • It has high weight capacity.

  • It is a bit heavy.
  • Your weight will be displayed only for about 30 seconds.
  • You will need to re-calibrate the scale each time.
  • It requires a hard or flat surface for accurate measurement.

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Some Simple Changes to Fight Obesity? :

Here are certain measures you need to consider if you really want to stay fit and avoid these useless fats.

Check out the following tips:

  1. Eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. In short, maintain a healthy diet.
  2. Make a schedule for daily exercise. Moderately for 30 minutes and extensively for 15 minutes a day.
  3. Make sure you have cut down fatty and sugary food consumption up to a greater extent.
  4. Make a switch over to vegetable-based oils rather than animal-based oils.

We have given you the overall description of what obesity can do to you, the probable reasons and ways to escape it. This article covers 10 best bathroom scales. What is running through your mind, we would like to know that. We value your comments!

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