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Today’s life is becoming busier and busier day by day. Every single day’s workload and our family related challenges leave us with no time to get ourselves relaxed. However, it is quite important to keep our body and mind relaxed. One of the classic ways for this is to have a massage chair. These best massage chairs are tractable enough enabling you to experience a relaxing massage whenever you are free in the comfort of your home without any need to book an appointment and go through the stress of commuting to a massage parlor. A massage chair would not be a showpiece lying in the corner of your room or living area. Instead, you would take its advantage daily provided that a right choice has been made. This massage chair would not only relax your body but would boost your mind and would relieve your stress too.

Let’s be more specific! Why would you need a massage chair anyway?


Here are certain benefits you can get with a massage chair:

  1. Kills mental stress:

Stress is one of the common issues people are facing nowadays on a daily basis. It is proven that if stress not completely treated could give rise to many physical as well as psychological disorders like sleeplessness, restlessness, and hypertension etc. one of the ideal ways to tackle this problem is having the best massage chair at home. High standard massage chairs use heat therapy to help you relieve stress.

  1. Relaxes your muscles:

Your muscles can become sore and stiff if you use to sit in front of your desktop for hours or simply drive a lot. A simple remedy to this is a 10 minutes massage that relaxes your muscles. A quality massage chair uses rollers and airbags targeting specific muscles.

  1. Improves blood circulation:

Your skin can have a good complexion with your body’s blood efficiently circulating all your body. Increased blood circulation would speed up the healing process, cell growth and sharpens your brain etc. All you need is the best massage chair for this.

  1. Helps you sleep like a baby:

Insomnia or anxiety forces you to remain stressed and disturbed. One disorder triggers another like a chain. In order to get rid of it, you need a massage chair that would help you fall asleep with just a 10 minutes intense massage before your sleep time. All you’ve got to do is put on your jammies and sit in the chair.

  1. Improves your immunity:

It is surprising. Isn’t it? However, this has been proven in a study that everyday massage could help the overall human capability to fight infectious bacteria. Increased blood flow, increased absorption of oxygen in blood they all stack up and help your immune system.

  1. Cures a migraine and common headaches:

A daily massage therapy can relax the trigger points and muscle spasms, decreasing the chances of migraine attacks. An effective massage chair can provide a focused head and shoulders massage thus completely eliminating the pain and delirium.

  1. Cures backaches:

Nowadays the most common problem almost every person faces is a backache. A massage chair can lead you to have an effective massage treatment with the effects lasting for at least 6 months.

  1. Improves muscles flexibility:

Stretched muscles lose their flexibility very easily. Massage is a great way enabling you to relax your muscles giving them flexibility and range of motion. And of course, we highly recommend the best massage chair for this.

  1. Others:

Your posture can get improved with a great massage chair with you at your home. Moreover, it helps you breathe easily. Massage therapy would give you space helping you out in loosening your respiratory muscles and correcting your posture that lead you to open your chest. Therefore, a massage chair helps you restore your normal breathing habits and a straight posture as well.


Both of these are the techniques used for relaxing the human body. Each of them has their respective pros and cons. A massage chair is an electronically designed device with various features a user can customize accordingly. Whereas a human massage therapy by therapists involves a trained massage therapist, who renders his/her services giving their clients a relaxing and relieving therapy.

Some aspects due to which these massage chairs are considered advantageous over human therapists are:

  1. Safer:

A massage therapist in comparison with a massage chair can damage your muscles while massaging. However, a massage chair provides a means of more safe massage in one synchronized manner. It has options for different modes like intense, moderate, low, once you select a mode that mode will be in place till the end of your massage; while a therapist may not be able to control her pressure accurately and you’ll have to ask her to adjust constantly.

  1. Availability:

A massage chair is available whenever you need it. Like at odd times of the day i.e. early in the morning or late night when you cannot attend the therapist you have a massage chair available for you.

  1. Convenience:

For a massage on a massage chair, you do not need to get dressed up and go out as you do in case of human therapist appointment. You can enjoy a massage for an unlimited time as many times a day as you want.

  1. Personal Comfort:

Many of you cannot go to the therapists because of privacy concerns. Instead of undressing, being conscious about the marks you have on your body or other similar issues, go for a massage chair.

  1. Complete control:

You can have a complete control of your massage chair and according to your personal needs and preferences, it can be customized, some chairs even let you save your customized preferences; you will have the best-personalized massage every time.

  1. Additional features:

A massage chair provides you some additional features like heat therapy, reclining options and other such advanced features making it a smart choice to have a massage therapy. It can massage multiple points at the same time so your muscles relax simultaneously.

  1. Cost:

The overall cost of getting a massage from a massage therapist daily would be much higher than a one-time cost when you purchase a massage chair.


You can always own the best massage chair without consulting a doctor. It is the best way to relax after a tiring day at work, relieving stress and to enjoy a good night sleep. In some cases, if you have chronic pain in your back, neck, legs or anywhere else or you were unfortunately involved in an accident; it is a good idea to consult your doctor. In most of the cases a gentle massage and some kind of heat therapy is the best option but in some rare cases, it may lead to more problems, so talk to your doctor. Print and take this list with you, show it to your doctor, our deeply researched and selected list of top 10 best massage chairs will help the doctor make a great choice for you.

If you were not recently involved in an accident or you are sure that a massage chair is needed to relieve muscle and brain stress read through our list and you will be able to make the best decision of your life.


As said above, after a tiresome and hectic day, whenever you want to relax yourself, have a magical experience of a massage chair. But before you actually begin the quest, it is mandatory to know what are some features, pros, and cons that should be considered for the best massage chair.

We have reviewed tons of massage chairs, tested them vigorously and rigorously and selected the 10 best massage chairs for your ease. Go through this list and buy the best one for yourself, we have included the best in different class based on how much they cost and offer.

LURACO TECHNOLOGIES iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair Black:

Best Massage ChairThis is one of the highly recommended chairs across the world. This is the only massage chair that is researched, developed and gathered in the USA. It is the only chair carrying FDA and UL listings. Comes equipped with a handheld, smart touch screen and remote controller.


  • It is black in color.
  • It provides 3D robotic massage.
  • It also gives outstanding lower back and neck massage using the best techniques.
  • It gives the 3-layer foot and calf massage.
  • It has advanced sole massagers with double rollers and iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chairremovable foot pad.
  • It provides body swivel with twist stretching.
  • It also gives you full body heat and comforting point arm massages.
  • It is made up of genuine leather.
  • You can enjoy an integrated and ultra mp3 at all settings consisting of 9 automatic, limitless customizable programs including true zero gravity.
  • It is of high quality.
  • It provides a super effective body massage.
  • It is highly advanced of all massage chairs.
  • Its benefits are scientifically proven.
  • It has an excellent customer support.

  • Its high price may not be affordable by some people.
  • It is a bit complex.
  • No other demerit reported for it.

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RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat and Air Massage System – Chocolate:

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage ChairThis is a type of massage chair giving you deep tissue massage and full body stretching. It is specially designed to give you massage like a human body massage and it is also provided with a body stretching mechanism called spinal decompression program. This is an arm massager, foot massager, calf and back massager, all in one. It is remotely controlled. It can easily be maintained.


  • It has a buttlock L-tack massage system.
  • Comes completely pre-programmed out of the box.
  • It has 5 manual specific targeted massages including kneading, tapping, kneading + tapping, shiatsu and rolling.
  • It has a computerized body scanner that allows chair for a pinpoint massage.
  • It is one hand accessible remote controlled.
  • It provides you with 3 true zero gravity positions.
  • It has a built-in air massage technology that applies an acupressure to specific areas.
  • It also has lumber back heating pads that relieve the tension and relax aching muscles.
  • It is not complicated.
  • Built in three stage zero gravity massage that reduces the stress on your heart.
  • Scans body length and adjusts for the spine size automatically.
  • It also offers therapeutic benefits to people suffering with a chronic pain.
  • It is versatile in settings and control.

  • It does not have an mp3 feature in it.
  • It’s huge and may not be a good choice for small homes/apartments.

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Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM 6800 with yoga & heating therapy (Brown):

Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage ChairIt is one of the best massage chairs and it is newly designed. It is very easy to understand and operate. Comes with a full-size remote controller. It has best warranty service for online massage chair Company. It is also one of the most popular real massage chairs that start your day fresh.

It can efficiently massage your shoulders and shoulder blades; the width is adjustable. This feature is a great addition for those who have sore and stressed shoulders from constant computer usage.


  • It is brown in color.
  • It has L-track full roller massage system.
  • It has 3 stages of zero gravity positions.
  • It has a space-saving technology (3 inches from the wall).
  • It has a computer body scan technology.
  • It also has an advanced air cell massage technology.
  • It has extra foot padding and remote holders for convenience.
  • It possesses 5 manual massage techniques.
  • It provides heating therapy on lower back and legs.
  • It offers a complete body massage.
  • It also offers heat therapy.
  • It specifically targets the stress points.
  • It has zero-gravity recline function.
  • It has an outstanding customer support.

  • This chair may not be suitable for obese people.
  • It is not suitable for people who suffer blood clotting.
  • It is costly.

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Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06:

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage ChairIt is one of the best chairs having an updated design, functions and features. This type of massage chair is used to relax body, mind and remove fatigue. It helps in improving posture and mobility of legs. This chair is fully automatic and gives you kneading and rolling massage types. It also conforms to the shape of your back. It provides the buyer with a 1-year warranty. For an efficient body massage, you have to have it.


  • It is black in color.
  • It has a total of 20 airbags located in the lower body of the chair.
  • It has an easy to use control panel.
  • It has high power vibration motor.
  • It has doubled layer airbags.
  • It gives you an ultra-long-range massage.
  • It comes with a classy design.
  • It is made up of high-quality material.
  • It is fully automatic.
  • It provides an excellent shiatsu massage.
  • Does not require a huge space.
  • It owns a decent price.

  • It is relatively heavy.
  • It requires a longer learning curve to utilize a few of its functions.
  • It is not available for shipping in some countries.

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Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built-in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage – Black:

ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu ChairThis type gives you an uninterrupted massage therapy. You can select the best time that fits you like a complete massage from head to toe within 15 to 30 minutes. It is a real humanized massager. You can get relax and enjoy longer massages with its S-tracking rolling system and 4 great auto programs, you can choose a single touch. You can have now an affordable massage chair without any compromise. It provides you with a rich, relaxing massage that would melt your daily stress in no time. It has 3 years of warranty.


  • It is black in color.
  • It has 4 auto programs like rolling, kneading, vibration and shiatsu.
  • It has a steel frame and body.
  • This chair comes with a built-in heat therapy in the back.
  • It possesses therapeutic airbags.
  • Feet areas are provided with 6 stimulating kneading balls.
  • It also has a 3 true zero gravity positioning for an optimal massage.
  • It gives you a deep tissue massage.
  • It gives you a variety of manual massaging techniques.
  • It provides 3 years of warranty.
  • It is affordable.
  • It can give you a long run massage.

  • Curbside delivery only, so not only you need to be present to receive it but also have a friend or someone there to help you bring it inside.
  • If you are less than 5 feet 4 inches tall, your feet won’t reach the footrest and your feet will be ignored all the time.

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Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat and Long Rail 161:

Best Massage ChairsThis is one of the unique massage chair types. It has 60% increased massage area. It massages all sides of the body. It has multiple of massaging techniques that really stimulate a human massage with machine level accuracy. Using OPTO sensors it will locate your shoulders and adjust the massageable area.   


  • It is L shape super long chair black in color.
  • It has a roller scraping for feet.
  • It has a heater for waist having an effect on the backache, stomach cold etc.
  • It gives you an experience of zero-gravity.
  • It has rollers moving from back, neck to thigh.
  • It is less costly.
  • It has a built-in heat transmitter.
  • It is manually adjustable to different heights.
  • It contains dual motion rollers.
  • It is delivered assembled.
  • The finishing of the product is awesome and looks great.

  • It is available only in one color.
  • The option of creating customized programs is lacking.
  • The feature of body scanning (auto adjustment for the spinal region) is not available.

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Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner – Full Body Shiatsu, Zero Gravity, Armrest linkage system, with Heater (Black):

Real Relax Massage Chair ReclinerIt is a real relaxing chair that provides a full body massage that helps you to relax from head to toe. This type of massage chair gives you the best massage experience. It has an exclusive linkage design. It is easy in assembling. It also has a 3 years warranty. It provides you with both auto and manual programs. Its remote is upgraded.


  • It is black in color.
  • It has 4 preset auto massage programs.
  • It has 50 airbags that are placed all over the shoulder, arm, seat, and legs.
  • It has a weight capacity up to 440 pounds.
  • It has rollers for the massage that provides a better experience than airbags massage.
  • It has a high definition VFD screen.
  • It also has two wheels for easy movement from place to place.
  • It gives you a full body massage.
  • It is a unique combination of high specs with a low price.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a 3 years product warranty.
  • It has an excellent customer service

  • The chair is delivered in two separate boxes, therefore a chance for delivery on different days could be there.
  • It may need two adults to tilt or move the chair.
  • It is a bit heavy in weight.

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U.S Jaclean Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair DWA-91:

U.S Jaclean Daiwa Legacy Massage ChairIf you want to relieve yourself from stress right from your neck up to your gluteus region, all you have to look for is this massage chair. It gives you a classical rocking chair experience for a complete relaxation. It also provides you a music therapy with the in-built speakers on both sides of the headrest. You can have a full body massage with it. It can also give you a special heat therapy in the lumber region.


  • Its color is black.
  • It has a 49 inches stroke of rollers.
  • It can be set in a zero-gravity position.
  • It has different massage programs like recovery, extend, relax, refresh (light massage), upper body auto, lower body auto, and full body massage.
  • It is provided with a Bluetooth technology.
  • It has a body scanning system ensuring an accurate and efficient body massage.
  • It is an affordable massage chair.
  • Its L-shaped design makes it convenient for all body heights.
  • Its heat technology makes massage more soothing and relaxing.
  • It is very durable.
  • It comes with a longest stroke massager roller.

  • It has a serious assembling and delivery problem.
  • The product comes in 3 different delivery boxes, expect different delivery days.
  • This chair lacks the feature of pre-programming.

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ZERO GRAVITY MASSAGE, SPACE SAVING CHAIRThis is one of kind massage chair! It has a built-in powerful intelligent track back quad roller mechanism that would give you a deep body massage. This chair truly comforts your aching back. Its Company assures you that you would not be left as such in case of any problem with the device. It possesses a warranty of 5 years for the body and 3 years for the electronic parts. It also has a return policy of 10 days. It has several massage techniques (7 of them), a stretch mode program. It also lets you have a rolling foot massage with it.


  • It has a dark brown color.
  • It has a foot rolling, built-in heat and full body YOGA stretch.
  • It has 7 several massaging techniques like shiatsu, rolling, kneading, knocking, tapping, vibration and vibration built into the seat.
  • It does possess a stretch mode/program.
  • It has a rolling foot massage offering an acupressure massage.
  • It also provides foot elongation for those who are taller.
  • Supports seven massage pre-sets: Knocking, Kneading, Rolling, Shiatsu, Tapping, Vibration
  • The best present is the Combo mode i.e. Tapping with knocking.
  • Supports and offers a Yoga stretch to stretch and relax your muscles from top to bottom.
  • Rolling Feet massage and Feet Elongation
  • The price is affordable and lower than the competition

  • Some users said the Yoga stretch made them feel uncomfortable at first, it can be switched off
  • It is heavy and can only be delivered curb side.
  • The massage is really deep and you may need to use the cushion included.

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HT-5040 Swivel-Base Massage Chair, Black Color Option:

HT-5040 Swivel-Base Massage ChairHuman Touch provides the only massage chairs that are approved by the World Federation of Chiropractic as a valid supplement to overall body therapies. It offers professional manual massage techniques with multiple intensity options. Massage regularly with a Human Touch helps you in improving your blood flow to oxygen-starved muscles. This massager can also turn into an ottoman.


  • It is black in color.
  • It is a deep well feet calf massager.
  • It has a unique design like rich leather with contrast stitching.
  • It provides a penetrating neck massage by removing the head pillow and revealing an intelligently placed soft window.
  • It has comfortable accents.
  • It also possesses 3 auto massage refreshing programs.
  • It has 5 manual massage techniques i.e. rolling, percussion, compression, kneading and knead + compression combo.
  • It also can easily be controlled with a remote controller.
  • It requires almost no assembly.
  • It is versatile.
  • It has full body stretching.
  • It owns an elegant design.
  • It is light in weight, therefore, is movable.

  • It is short leg rested.
  • Its massage misses the buttocks.
  • It does not have a heat transmitter.

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Maintenance is a mandatory step to take if you want your device working properly whether it is your car or any other electronic device. This device, however, would not need much of your care but still, you have to give it a little bit of attention. Some of the tips included are:

  • Keep your chair clean with a whipping instrument according to your chair material and manual.
  • Do not leave any kind of spills to deal with later, instantly deal with it instead.
  • Clean the dust off your chair daily.
  • Before turning the device on, make sure that it is completely air dried.
  • Use a surge protector in order to prevent from a power outage.
  • Avoid lubricating or greasing any part of the chair.
  • If anything goes wrong with your chair, contact a professional repair technician.
  • Keep it out of reach of children.

Here you go with a complete guide regarding massage chairs. Hopefully, it would turn out helpful to you. Also, let us know about your worthy viewpoint, we value it! 

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